Austerity Measures.

Maybe it’s because it’s spring.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in a new phase of (exciting!) work, with slightly unsteady income.  Maybe it’s just because I feel a little puffy.  In any case, I decided to enact my own set of all-around austerity measures earlier this week, in the hopes of getting my shit more together.

So far this what I’ve got:

1. Fresh Direct was having a Blueprint juice sale, so I decided to put together my own cleanse program on the cheap…based entirely on the Blueprint Cleanse program, but without the kit and the information.  A juice boat afloat.  Currently, I’m the last and third day, and I’m feel pretty great.  The first day involved some random and strong hunger pangs and strong, strong Doritos cravings.  The second day started out amazingly but segued into a low grade headache all afternoon.  I went rockclimbing at the end of day and felt way better during and after.  The third..well, we’ll see what the third day brings.  I’m definitely feeling less puffy, which makes me worry that I’m ingesting something the rest of the time that is making my body unhappy.  Like alcohol.  Or bread.  Omg, what if it’s cheese??

2. Doing my taxes.  I temporarily forgot that doing taxes sometimes means getting refunds, so I was putting it off.  No more.

3. Paying more attention to these Learnvest emails.  Money scares me almost all of the time, so I just try very hard not to have anything on my credit card from month to month.  Yep, that’s my financial strategy.  The end.

4.  Putting myself on a cash only food allowance.  Staring at my credit card bill, there are some large-ish numbers that pop up on a too regular basis that add up to too much.  Blegh.  $125 withdrawn each week for food and drink until further notice.  Less fancy, more hole-in-the-wall.

(Since we are speaking of austerity – I had very little idea why the world has been so concerned about Greece’s debt.  This gem of a This American Life episode explained it so clearly, and I paid attention the whole time.  Check it out if you have some subway time to kill, you’ll feel at least 10x smarter afterwards)

5. Shuffling all of my many discount fashion / groupon-like emails directly into an archive folder so I am not constantly clicking, debating, and worst of all purchasing.  (I can’t take credit for this one, thanks Crystal!)

6.  Obviously, I will need an austerity food.  I’ve decided my default will be soba noodles, with veggies, and maybe some miso soup if I ever get myself over the the Japanese supermarket.  Recipe and photos to follow post juice cleanse.

That’s all I’ve got so far.  If anyone has any suggestions for any other smart, fiscally and/or health prudent moves, drop me a line, I would love to hear!

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