Shit We Like: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Bar Soap

Morning, friends!

I’ve decided to try out a weekly posting featuring my very savvy friend Jill, and of course, myself.  Between the two of us, we’ve tried, discarded, tested, wasted so many things, before settling on a common pool of..shit we like.  Listen up, or we’ll wallop you.  Ask questions, we like guessing.  =)

J Let’s talk about Dr. Bronner’s bar soap.

G Ooh.  Ok, I would say you get credit for discovery, because I was trying to use the liquid version, and it was drying the crap out of my skin, and it hurt, and then you told me about the bar soap, and it changed my life.

(Jill and her soap sharing boyfriend prefer the baby mild bar, while I am quite partial to the rose scented bar.)

G Does it smells like babies?

J Babies, yes.  Oh wait, no, it smells like..soap.  It’s good to even shave with.

G Oh, yes this was a recent discovery of mine.  Shaving cream has been grossing me out.  The DB soap actually makes a nice thin film, so your razor doesn’t get clogged and your skin doesn’t get irritated.

J Is it really affiliated with a cult?  Are we worried?

G It seems a little nutty, but nutty for a good cause?

(Then we start talking about the Hindenberg and barge pools, so it seems we’re not too worried…)


Where to Buy  Health and Harmony.  Super cheap at the Park Slope Coop.  I would say running anywhere up to $2.99 is fine, but we’ve seen for it for up to $5. Not fine. Also available at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, but TJ’s may only have the peppermint and eucalyptus scents.

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