Pretty Things

I have to admit to feeling a little delicate in the last few days.  Valentine’s Day has the ability, like a latent time bomb, to blow into smithereens my general everyday pretty-good-at-stuff self, inflate any lingering insecurities I have on what it means to be single to gargantuan proportions, with the added bonus of having a teeny voice asking over and over again if maybe there’s just something wrong with me.  You know that sound the subway trains make when the conductor takes a turn too quickly?  That high, piercing screeching that hits every little nerve, and makes your coffee spill?  It’s kind of been like that for the past three days.

Luckily, I have some really good friends that say really good things to me when I’m feeling lost.  Gems like, just date Jeremy Lin.  Or find a celebrity to have a crush on you.  Or ask a random guy out once a week.  Real, solid advice.  Thanks friends.

Anyway, I was going through my camera this morning to see if there was anything worth sharing with you guys.  There were.  After my grandmother passed away, my mom brought back some random things (mostly fabrics) from her closet in Taiwan to show me.  Here are my two favorites – I am loving the subtle gold and pink color combo, so vibrant, yet soothing and classy.  Like my grandmother.  I’m sure she would have better advice.

Everything about this fan that is just so satisfying to me.  The colors, the print and the way they balance across the fan.

My grandfather worked in the textiles industry, and did a lot of work with Japanese and Hong Kong businesses.  I assume these pieces were either gifts or were purchased when they travelled.

This pattern is part of a very long narrow silk scroll, meant for a wedding kimono.  Hmm.

The pattern goes from pink to red throughout the scroll.

Cool, huh?

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