Ikea Hyllis Shelves

$15!  Industrial with polish.  The End!

Yes, they were a little hard to put together, the holes for the screws did not exactly line up, which required a little bit of extra wrestling.  And when the units were first put up next to each other, it did require a well-placed vise to get the legs to stay exactly parallel.  And who know what will happen after their first move.  But then again, that is always the dark thrill of Ikea.  Incredibly cheap, mass market furniture items that have just the right amount of design process behind them.

(We won’t discuss the pros and cons of international big box stores selling super cheap products and laying waste to small businesses and local artisans here.  It just ain’t my gig.)

The galvanized finish of the steel gives what could have been a very utilitarian product a little bit of dark, maybe manly glamor that would be not be amiss in oh…a J.Crew Men’s Store.  The slender legs and the four thin steel shelves are actually quite sturdy as long as you’re not loading on bricks.  And maybe it’s just me, but it has a way of making a messy pile of clothing seem just artfully rumpled.  I can see these working just as well in a classic black and white kitchen, or holding up gardening odd and ends, or maybe even serving as extra storage in a bathroom.  And really, isn’t that just what a well-designed product is about?  The possibility of options?

I can’t stress the $15 part enough.

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